India , being the second most populous country in the world has immense human resource which if utilised wisely, can do wonders. India’s 70% population resides in villages and majority of them continue to live in rural and semi-urban areas. On one side, India is rated as the most progressive economic power which has the world’s best professional colleges, technical institutions & universities and best professional manpower, while on the other hand, rendering basic education to children in rural setup, still leaves much to be answered.


It is evident that these children do possess potential and if an opportunity is made available to them with a well sought objective, then, the foundation of a strong educated India can surely be laid.]Established in 1947 with the aim of promoting educational and philanthropic institutions for the benefit of students of rural and semi-urban setup of Rajasthan, and particularly the Shekhawati region, the Satwic Jeewanshala Trust is steadily moving in this direction with a deep sense of commitment and devotion to this cause. The trust lays great emphasis on utilizing education as a tool for all round development. The trustees include a spectrum of professionals and educationalist, having one common objective , “Quality & affordable education to all strata of societies”. 

In Shekhawati Educational City, we realize that education is a fundamental tool of social progress and reform. We wish to inculcate in the minds of the children and the adults alike, the fact that education is not merely imbibing the art of reading and writing but it is much beyond that. We believe in grooming a Generation which not only preserve the rich art, cultural heritage, values and ethics of one of the oldest civilization but also enrich it further and take it to greater heights. Our aim is to sculpture students into humane souls so that they are able to contribute to the holistic development of the society and to our nation. It is this fire of curiosity of these young minds which would help them in continuously educating themselves and make meaningful and positive contribution to their immediate environment, society and the country. It is indeed a strange contradiction that while on one hand, India produces the best professionals and technocrats and has received accolades from world’s most developed nations for its superior standards in higher education, on the other hand, Government of India has been striving hard to make elementary and basic education available to majority of children for whom it still remains a distant dream. Every possible measure is thought of, and implemented over the past decade to ensure that basic elementary education is imparted to the masses. The Mid-Day meal program was initiated recently throughout the country to attract children living below the poverty line and an ambitious mission like “SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN” was launched to provide impetus to the efforts being made to bring elementary education at the doorsteps of the underprivileged children of our society. Last two decades have seen private investments pouring in for setting up numerous educational and technical institutions across the state but these are basically catering to the need of the upper strata of the society. Much serious effort has to be made to make basic quality education affordable and available uniformly to all strata of society, so that the foundation of a well educated and informed society can be laid and this is where we are making an effort.