CRC-Cryogenic Research Center

Cryogenic Research Center


Purpose and Objective


The basic purpose and objective is to introduce scientific environment in the educational campus.
Student should be taught to understand scientific concert rather then memorizing formula and figure.
Encourage the dissemination of information concerning low temperature processes and techniques.
Increase public and Industrial awareness of the usefulness of cryogenic technology.
Promote research and development of low temperature processes by meeting, professional contacts, reports and publications.



The cryogenic research Center was formally established in Dec 2004 vested with the responsibility to further promotion of the already existing institute –industry relationship for mutual benefit and advancement. CRC provides the interface through which industries and organization can quickly and effectively gain access to the expertise and facilities of the institute in the field of cryogenic science. The center also promotes the formation of a network of informal contacts between scientists and engineers in the institute and those industries allowing for a continuous and easy flow of information and ideas