Cs & It

The gradual though slow development of the computer industry till the last decade has suddenly been followed by a building expansion on the international scene. The change in the concepts, technology, process of thinking, and management of human resources which have come in the wake of computers, seems to have heralded a revolution which is the beginning of a more intelligent civilization. This has led to an acute shortage of qualified and talented software and hardware engineers in the industry.

The Computer Department was setup with the aim of providing state-of-the art education and training to talented students from all over India. As it is evident from the demand for our computer engineers and the demand for this course, the Institute has been successful in meeting its own standards. The department aims at providing its students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s competitive world. The department has always aimed at developing students to be all round performers.

The objectives of the four-year Bachelor of Engineering program in Information Technology and Computer Science course offered at SEC are as follows:

  1. To impart training in latest IT & CS techniques.
  2. To adjust the practical training program according to market requirements.
  3. To foster entrepreneurship qualities in students.
  4. To exploit the full potential of student talent by encouraging them to take challenging projects.
  5. To encourage students to interact with the industry and work at e-solution to their problems.
  6. To take up projects on computer applications in Social Sciences, business, industry and government.